The THS Robotics Team will be one of half a dozen schools from across the nation to be featured in the nationwide telecast of “Think It Up” on September 11.  Having been chosen for our rigorous program that gives students opportunities to pursue STEM careers, the THS Robotics Team was filmed in action – teaching code to elementary students; building, programming, and driving a 120-pound robot; using 3D modeling and printing; and working in small groups to brainstorm solutions for open-ended problems.  We hope you’ll be able to catch the program and see what great opportunities are available for kids who participate in robotics programs.

The “Think It Up” telecast will be broadcast on Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC at 8PM (7 Central) on Friday, September 11th.

“Think It Up seeks to inaugurate a new movement in support of the nation’s students, teachers and schools, helping generate excitement about learning everywhere in America and building a sense of optimism about the changes underway in classrooms across the country. Because education is the cornerstone of our democracy and economy, Think It Up aims to renew a sense of promise for all of America’s public school students. With new technologies, ingenuity and higher expectations, we are living today in the most dynamic era in learning and education since free public schools were established in the US 150 years ago.” (

“The telecast will spotlight powerful stories of teachers and students working together on the types of projects to be supported through the initiative. “Our hope is that by creating opportunities to unlock their passions, talents, and strengths,Think It Up will help students, working together with their teachers, to forge lasting connections between their learning experiences now and the futures they shape for themselves,” said Sherry Lansing, founder of the Sherry Lansing Foundation and chair of the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Board of Directors.” (

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