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Residents Encouraged to Weigh In on Palmdale’s General Plan

The City of Palmdale is undertaking a comprehensive update to its General Plan and is seeking input from residents.

Residents are encouraged to visit <> to take a community survey, learn more about the General Plan, and sign up for email updates.
The General Plan is the City’s 25-year guide for growth and development and can benefit the City by creating a collective vision for the future to improve the identity and quality of life in Palmdale. The General Plan will address important community topics such as new growth, housing, sustainability, safety, mobility and health.

“What is your vision for Palmdale?” asked Communications Manager John Mlynar. “The City is committed to involving the community at every step of the process to ensure the content is guided by Palmdale residents, There will be many opportunities for you to participate throughout the three-year process, so we encourage you to get involved and let your voice be heard!”
For more information, contact the Planning Department at 661/267-5200 or by email at<

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