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Assuring a safe and reliable water supply to the residents of the greater Antelope Valley has been the mission of the Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency for over 50 years. AVEK Water Agency is the states third largest water wholesaler, covering a land area of nearly 2,400 square miles, with an allocation from the California Aqueduct of 141,400 acre-feet (over 46 billion gallons).

With every expectation that our Valley will continue to grow, water providers are seeking to confront tomorrows water supply challenges, today. Sustaining a stable deliver of water into the High Desert is challenged by an ever-increasing limitation in the water available from the State Water Project California Aqueduct running along the southern hills of the Valley.

In recent years, AVEK Water Agency has partnered with our customers and other local water providers in developing our own water banking program, using it as a tool for increased water delivery, storage, and reliability. AVEKs project redirects surplus water from the Aqueduct into an optimal site for groundwater recharge. This water is stored and then recovered during future dry seasons or drought years.

Banking water in this way allows AVEK to better reach its goal of zero-loss of water into the Antelope Valley. Dan Flory, AVEK General Manager said, Were going to keep recharging groundwater as it becomes available. Our challenge is to continually evaluate the water supply conditions, working toward cost-effectiveness and future availability.

Water Providers
Antelope Valley East Kern Water Agency
Amount produced in 2012

  • 79,000 acre feet (43,200 m&i; 5,300 ag; 31,400 Banking) Amount produced in 2011
  • 93,000 acre feet (50,000 m&i; 43,000 ag) State Water Project entitlement
  • 141,400 acre feet Treatment Plant Capacity
  • 118 million gallons per day (capable of serving nearly 500,000 people)

Water Quality Report

Palmdale Water District
Amount produced in 2012

  • 19,257 acre feet billed
  • 21,459 acre feet produced State Water Project Delivered: 16,450 acre feet Customers Served in 2012
  • 26,352 connections serving approximately 104,617 people State Water Project Table A Amount
  • 21,300 acre feet

Water Sources
65% State water project
35% Groundwater Wells

Water Quality Report

Indian Wells Valley Water District
Amount produced in 2012

  • 7,633 acre feet Amount produced in 2011
  • 7,364 acre feet Amount produced in 2010
  • 7,670 acre feet Amount produced in 2009
  • 8,084 acre feet Amount produced in 2008
  • 8,409 acre feet Water Sources
  • 10 ground water pumps Customers Served in 2012
  • 11,897 connections serving approximately 30,000 people

Water Quality Report


The Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District (AVAQMD) motto, "It's a breath of fresh air", continues to be the operative statement regarding the air quality in the Antelope Valley.

Most of the Antelope Valley's air pollution is not locally generated. It is wind-blown in from the Los Angeles and San Joaquin Valley areas. The AV is most likely to experience elevated levels of ozone on days when an inversion layer settles over the Los Angeles Basin or San Joaquin Valley and the wind then blows pollutants into the desert. "We all do everything we can to reduce air pollution; drive cleaner cars, take the bus, but ultimately a lot of it has to do with which way the wind blows", stated Eldon Heaston.

At least three eSolar plants are planned for the Greater Antelope Valley, and Southern California Edison has announced plans to purchase power from those plants. Also in 2008, California power companies signed deals that will, according to USA Today, "nearly double USA's solar power". Nearby Los Angeles is undertaking the largest city solar project with its plan to install 1.3 gigawatts of solar power by 2020.

As a state, California has demonstrated the ability to achieve sustainable economic growth while protecting the environment. California has one of the lowest per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and highest GDPs in the nation. California has set a goal of increasing renewable energy sources to 20% by 2010, with an additional goal of 33% by 2020. The University of California at Berkeley and Next 10 study that the "green industry" will create as many as 403,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

The Antelope Valley is the perfect location for a renewable energy business, and industry leaders are taking notice. The region's prime location, excellent workforce, and low business costs make it ideal for incoming renewable energy businesses.

Antelope Valley3742221618
Los Angeles Basin11097625154
San Joaquin Valley10583665144

Antelope Valley2431161439
Los Angeles Basin88846044119
San Joaquin Valley104729989127

Average Temperatures: Comparison with Southwestern Communities

California City9162976796669059
Las Vegas996910476102749466
Palm Springs10264108731067110266
San Bernardino8453936093608957
Santa Clarita8650945694569052

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