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Steeped in an Agrarian tradition and brought to life when the Southern Pacific Railroad linked Los Angeles to San Francisco through the Tehachapi Pass with the assistance of the famed Tehachapi Loop, today this picturesque mountain community of 13,028 (within city limits, 36,883 greater area) combines 21st century technology and 19th century charm.

Coming to Tehachapi is such an Uplifting Experience. Why would you want to go anywhere else?

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The area is home to one of the world’s largest wind-turbine complexes with some 5,000 state-of-the-art turbines generating a cumulative 800 million kwh of power each year. Not surprisingly, green energy companies are big here, employing over 400 people.

Agriculture continues to be an important economic driver. The area is famous for its apple orchards and thanks to innovative hydroponic hothouses created by Canada’s SunSelect Produce, it soon will be producing bumper crops of high-value produce including red, orange and yellow peppers.

Abundant natural resources are also a big contributor to growth. Lehigh Hanson, part of the global Heidelberg Cement Group operates a large Cal-Portland cement facility here.

With its historic downtown, miles of scenic byways and endless recreational opportunities, tourism also plays a key role in the local economy. An active visitor bureau sponsors a wide variety of activities throughout the year including the annual Mountain Festival and Rodeo held each August, the Gran Fondo bicycle experience in September and October’s Apple Fest.

Tehachapi has positioned itself as the hub of East Kern with an elevated location, unique lifestyle and quality of life standards that are paving the way for a promising future. As is the case with its neighbors, Tehachapi plays a contributing role in the region’s success. Home to a diverse economy, the people of Tehachapi drive the workforce of much of East Kern as our residents can regularly be found working at Rio Tinto in Boron, the local renewable energy sites, aerospace and defense locations throughout East Kern and the Antelope Valley.

Tehachapi’s placement on the mountains above both the Antelope and San Joaquin Valleys provides ample opportunity to job placement, proximity to major attractions and the ability to plan for a smarter future.

Tehachapi’s economy benefits from forward- thinking, proper planning and the smart city concept that isn’t limited to technological advancements. Each part of what makes Tehachapi a successful economic area is tied to the approach that today’s decisions will benefit the City and region with long-term benefits.

Being a desirable place to call home has made Tehachapi’s housing market very successful over the last several years. Sales numbers in Tehachapi included an average sale price of over $275,000 in 2017 with all sales prices being within 97% of the listing price, showing value and demand for the inventory.

Smart planning also plays a part in the housing market. While home building continues to proceed at a steady pace, the City of Tehachapi has taken an active approach to attract developers to the area. This includes showcasing the City’s transect zoning code which leads to more-visibly pleasing housing that fits into the community surroundings.

2017 helped lay the groundwork for what will be a historical 2018. Walmart has started construction on a 119,000 sq.-foot development that is expected to not only bring over 200 new jobs to the area, but pave the way for additional retailers and restaurants to invest into the community.

Located at an elevation of 4,000 feet in the Tehachapi Mountains, the refreshing lifestyle of Tehachapi has made it the jewel of Kern County and a prime location for new and expanding businesses. With easy access to larger markets, major transportation hubs and expanding industry, Tehachapi is a great place to elevate your business.

Greater Tehachapi Area Demographics & Statistics

Current Population*37,776
2018 Population City Only14,638
Median Age*38.88
Population By Origin Not Hispanic or Latino74.38%
Population By Origin Hispanic25.17%
Average Household Income*$77,822
Median Housing 93531$475,000
Median Housing 93561$275,000

Source: Claritas via Environics Analytics

Combined Zip Codes 93531 and 93561

Elected Officials

MayorSusan Wiggins  
Mayor Pro TemPhil Smith  
CouncilmembersMichael Davies, Kenneth Hetge, Joan Pogon-Cord 

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