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Live Up!

The City of Tehachapi has attracted four major health care providers in the last few years including, Adventist Health, which in November of 2018 opened the new $100 million Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley Hospital. With this investment in our community, they helped attract Dignity Health, the second largest hospital health care provider in California and sparked expansions from Kaiser Permanente and Omni Family Health who have been the wonderful partners in our community.

This community has done something few others would — it committed to building and opening a state-of-the-art hospital in a rural town, helping to increase health access for all for generations to come.
--Jeff Lingerfelt, CEO, Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley

Tehachapi residents had grown used to traveling outside of the area for medical care, from hospital ER visits to general practice visits. With these new options locally, less miles are being traveled for basic care, emergency needs, operations and other general surgeries. With these services now available locally, more companies, developers and residents are comfortable moving to Tehachapi as we are experiencing the best local health care options ever in our community. Our advantage in the medical field is potential, with solid operators already in place, the potential for growth for other practices and medical offerings are endless.

The Capital Hills area, near the hospital has several available parcels zoned appropriately for medical care facilities, as you see in many communities, physician’s offices and specialty care practices often develop around hospital campuses. We believe this potential and the availability of land and residents needing services gives Tehachapi a competitive advantage for the medical field. Additionally, the cost of living and quality of life attributes are conducive for the medical field and the employees who work in those facilities.

Greater Tehachapi Area Demographics & Statistics

Current Population*38,056
2019 Population City Only14,663
Median Age*38.73
Population By Origin Not Hispanic or Latino73.58%
Population By Origin Hispanic26.42%
Average Household Income*$77,617
Median Housing 93531$296,736
Median Housing 93561$276,725

Source: Claritas via Environics Analytics

Combined Zip Codes 93531 and 93561

Elected Officials

MayorSusan Wiggins  
Mayor Pro TemPhil Smith  
CouncilmembersMichael Davies, Joan Pogon-Cord 

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