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Innovative, Industrious, Entrepreneurial

Twice named LA County’s Most Business-Friendly City, Lancaster, the region’s largest municipality, offers growing firms the opportunity to fast-track creation or expansion of their Southern California presence at surprisingly affordable costs. Home to many well-established Fortune 500 names as well as a growing list of Global 500 firms, Lancaster is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, particularly in the realm of renewable energy solutions. BYD, the Chinese-based, electric vehicle and battery maker has established their first North American assembly plants here, where they build clean, all-electric transit buses along with the power cells which drive them. eSolar, an IdeaLab offshoot backed by both General Electric and Google, has developed its innovative Sierra Tower concentrating solar thermal power generation facility in Lancaster and now sells clean power to SoCal Edison. Nearby, MidAmerican Solar, a Berkshire-Hathaway company, is creating a 3,200 acre solar farm which will produce enough electricity to power a quarter of a million homes.

Lancaster vigorously competes by training residents for tomorrow’s jobs, by keeping costs down and by supporting its start-up sector.

Bill Allen, LAEDC

City leaders have set the ambitious goal of becoming the nation’s first Net-Zero municipality, wherein they will produce more clean energy than they consume. Much of the City’s infrastructure including City Hall, local schools and even their minor league baseball stadium are solar powered. All new, residential construction must include a solar component. But clean, renewable energy isn’t the City’s only claim to fame. Precision production facilities such as Morton Manufacturing have moved to Lancaster to take advantage of lower costs and abundant skilled labor. Lance, the nation’s preeminent builder of truck-based campers and now trailers, has made Lancaster their home for more than 20 years. Rite-Aid, Michaels Stores, and SYGMA, part of Sysco, all operate large distribution facilities within the city and find the location ideal to service stores throughout the Western U.S. Retail has seen a major resurgence in Lancaster since the downtown core underwent a multi-million dollar transformation. This new, pedestrian-friendly arts and commerce district, known as The BLVD, is home to many bistros, boutiques, wine bars and micro-breweries. It also hosts Lancaster’s award-winning Museum of Art and History (MOAH) and Lancaster’s Performing Arts Center, where both local groups and world-renowned guest artists perform.

Demographics & Statistics

Current Population 201,799
Median Age 32.8
Population By Origin Not Hispanic or Latino 56.79%
Population By Origin Hispanic 43.21%
Average Household Income $69,417
Median Housing 93534 $51,224
Median Housing 93535 $56,551
Median Housing 93536 $93,841
Education 125,684
Workforce 75,064

Source: Claritas via Environics Analytics

Elected Officials

Mayor R. Rex Parris
Vice Mayor Marvin Crist
Councilmembers Raj Malhi, Ken Mann, Angela Underwood-Jacobs