Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) ordered 20 all-electric buses that will be produced by BYD (Build Your Dreams) at its factory in Southern California, officials announced.

BYD is the largest electric bus manufacturer in North America and and the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

The new 60-foot articulated K11 BYD electric transit buses will replace older, diesel-operated buses, and provide transportation for guests traveling between terminals and gates.

“By forming the world’s largest all-electric bus fleet, LAX has set a leadership standard that airports across the nation emulate as mass transit leads the way to a more sustainable future,” said Macy Neshati, Senior Vice President of BYD Heavy Industries. “We are proud to provide LAX with 20 California-made electric transit buses, which will provide cleaner air and help create healthier communities.”

BYD’s 60-foot articulated K11 electric transit buses are the first available in the US. The K11 buses have a range of approximately 200 miles on a single charge and a capacity of up to 55 passengers, depending on the precise configuration. The new buses will produce no emissions, make oil changes a thing of the past and offer dramatically lower maintenance costs.


LAX guests will also experience a quieter ride due to BYD’s electric motor.

The proprietary BYD Iron-Phosphate battery that powers the K11 is a revolutionary battery that is nontoxic, 100% recyclable, fire-safe and incredibly long-cycled. BYD is the first and only electric bus manufacturer to offer a 12-year warranty on its batteries.