The FIRST Robotics Team of Tehachapi High School, The Cyber Penguins, would like to invite any of your interested employees to join us at the Aerospace Valley Regional Competition on Saturday, April 7th, at Eastside High School in Lancaster. We will have tours and a breakfast with some of our mentors, so you can ask them questions and have a jolly time!

Now, let’s talk about what we do. We are a club that designs, builds, and programs a 120-pound robot to participate in a competitive/cooperative game on a 56×23 foot field. Team members use industry standard equipment, software, and materials to design, build, and program the robots from scratch each year. We also have an outreach program, where we focus and assist our community in becoming more involved with different teams, which build smaller and kit-based robots like FTC and FLL. We help students of all ages learn and understand how to work and use robots.

For all of these activities, FIRST teams need industry mentors, like your employees, to help guide the students through the engineering design process, the selection and use of materials and tools, strategizing, and programming. Mentors in business and marketing can help make the difference for sustainability of a team’s activities. We would like to encourage schools in your area to start FIRST Robotics teams and we would like to encourage you and your employees to support those teams with mentors.

To help you and your employees learn more about FIRST Robotics, we would love to have you and any interested members of your company join us at the Aerospace Valley Regional this weekend. At the event, we will show you the “pits” where teams work on their robots; introduce you to teams and their mentors; and give you the opportunity to ask questions about the FIRST program and the depth of involvement for industry mentors. We will also take you to watch a few matches to see what it is like and also to see us compete against other robots. Representatives from FIRST will also be available to answer questions.

We hope you will join us and if you choose to, please notify my advisor, Mrs. Evansic so she can send you more information and plan for your attendance. My team and I will enjoy speaking to you about what we do. Industry partners and mentors are a vital link to the success of FIRST Robotics teams – your involvement creates the bridge that provides relevance and career guidance to the students on the teams.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you there!

The agenda for industry mentor tours is as follows:

7:30 – breakfast and networking

8:30 – opening ceremonies and watch a few of the qualification matches

9:30 – pit tours and talking to teams

10:30 – mentor panel – hear from current mentors about their involvement with FIRST teams

If you have any interested participants, please have them contact me for more information. They can email me at or text me at (412) 480-7465.