Kinkisharyo agreement reached Dec14Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford, Los Angeles County Mayor Michael D. Antonovich,

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti, Kinkisharyo General Manager Donald S. Boss.

Los Angeles County Mayor Michael D. Antonovich along with Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti, joined Antelope Valley leaders to celebrate an agreement between Kinkisharyo International and labor groups. The deal will allow the Japanese railcar manufacturer to build its future railcars in the Antelope Valley instead of leaving the state due to overreaching demands and legal challenges made by labor.

This agreement is a tremendous boost to the economic future and employment opportunities for residents of the Antelope Valley. Losing this excellent Japanese firm to another state would have sent hundreds of jobs and millions of County sales tax dollars out of the region when they are needed to be invested locally to spur job creation and economic growth. The establishment of Kinkisharyo in Palmdale and electric vehicle manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) in Lancaster is making the Antelope Valley a premier destination for Pacific Rim businesses to locate within the United States.