CA Fwd and the California Economic Summit are promoting the Elevate Rural CA initiative in hopes to encourage all of the necessary actions occur to promote sustainable development of the state’s rural regions.

To jump-start this effort, the 2018 California Economic Summit will highlight three specific opportunities:

An expanded wood products industry that supports both forest resiliency and economic growth
Better broadband access for social and economic connectivity

Upgraded water infrastructure to improve public health and support rural economies

The California Economic Summit has emerged as the only statewide venue with a comprehensive agenda for taking on the challenges of our time: reducing income inequality, increasing economic security and community resiliency in a time of climate change, bolstering wealth generation, and restoring upward mobility.

The Summit network of public-, private-, and civic-sector leaders has championed initiatives aimed at the triple bottom line: seeking to simultaneously advance economic growth, ensure environmental quality, and provide opportunity for all.

The 2018 California Economic Summit will take place November 15 and 16 in Santa Rosa, CA  REGISTER TODAY



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