Our December Event highlighted the exciting projects and pioneers our regional “tinkerer’s” are involved with…

Our event featured local schools and educators and their efforts to incorporate a MakerSpace into their campus activities. The movement is happening throughout the region, for all ages and is inspiring great innovators to imagine the possibility of doing things differently. Our speakers were Mechelle Reynolds from Fulton and Alsbury Middle School and James Stockdale from Knight High School. They both touched on the different projects they are working on with their students and the importance of the community involvement within our local schools.

Our Keynote Speaker was Gene Sherman, the CEO and Founder of Vocademy The MakerSpace in Riverside, CA. He is leading the way with the MakerSpace movement. During the event, Sherman led the audience with an activity called The Marshmallow Tower Challenge. The challenge was to build a tower out of dry spaghetti, a yard of tape and string. The attendees learned that
collaboration is key, but not to overthink the process. The idea behind the challenge is that in order to complete a task, you sometimes need to think outside the box and get creative. Sherman also expressed how he wants to inspire others to be a maker. 

Special Thanks to our sponsors Willow Wind Apartments, Sol Print Solutions and our Grand Event Sponsor Antelope Valley Hospital

Our Grand Event Sponsor, Antelope Valley Hospital