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Ridgecrest, CA 93555
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The Place to Be

A hidden gem nestled at the top of our high-tech triangle, Ridgecrest combines the remarkable research capabilities of the Navy’s China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) with the natural beauty of the high desert landscape.

The China Lake facility contains nearly 40% of the Navy’s total landholdings worldwide, encompassing over 1.1 million acres, an area larger than Rhode Island. Here, in concert with top contractors, the Navy conducts advanced research, development, testing and evaluation of cutting edge weapons systems.

Ridgecrest has one of the largest brain trusts of any community in the nation in terms of scientists and engineers doing research.

Mayor Dan Clark

At the other end of the spectrum you’ll find the canyons and outcroppings surrounding Ridgecrest to be peppered with remarkable Native American Petroglyphs, some dating back 10,000 years. Each November, the City hosts the Ridgecrest Petroglyph and Heritage Festival to celebrate and explore the history behind this remarkable rock art.

Outdoor recreation is also popular here with miles of scenic roads and trails available to off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Nearby Jawbone Canyon OHV area offers 7,000 acres of open-use, ride anywhere action. The highest (Mt. Whitney) and lowest (Death Valley) points in the continental U.S. are both easy day trips from Ridgecrest.

Businesses within Ridgecrest find a receptive government ready to assist promoting business growth. The City recently partnered with several entrepreneurial firms to help them incubate  from their early stages to thriving ventures.  The NAWS is noted for its ability to transform advanced military technology to practical, private use.

Several national retail chains including Home Depot, Marshall’s & Wal-Mart have selected to open shop here. The City also supports a thriving small business community.

Homes in the Ridgecrest/Indian Wells Valley area are among the states most affordable with a range of options from modest to luxurious. The City supports broad cultural and educational activities for all ages and has an excellent school system.

The city is also home to the 420 acre, Indian Wells campus of Cerro Coso Community College. The college offers both online and traditional classes which help students prepare for upper division programs and rewarding careers.

Demographics & Statistics

Current Population 28,413
Median Age 34.8
Population By Origin Not Hispanic or Latino 79.74%
Population By Origin Hispanic 20.26%
Average Household Income $76,359
Mediain Housing $173,500
Education 18,049
Workforce 11,786

Source: Nielsen Inc.

Elected Officials

Mayor Margaret ‘Peggy’ Breeden 760-499-5000 1420537512_mail-20
Vice Mayor Eddie Thomas 760-499-5062 1420537512_mail-20
Mayor Pro Tem Mike Mower 760-499-5062 1420537512_mail-20
Councilmembers Wallace Martin 760-499-5062 1420537512_mail-20
Lindsey Stephens 760-499-5062 1420537512_mail-20