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An expansive land of opportunity lies just an hour north of Los Angeles. Known as Southern California’s Leading Edge, this group of high desert communities has been famed for its aerospace prowess for nearly 70 years. Supersonic travel, the Space Shuttle, and advanced stealth technology were all born here. NASA astronauts train here and now commercial space flight is being pioneered here.  But today, we’re also showing the world that we have the right stuff when it comes to developing advanced materials, building clean transport systems, crafting high-precision parts, generating fresh, green energy while adding value with innovative agricultural products. With easy access to key transport corridors, good rail service, and three of America’s top seaports within a seventy-mile radius, it’s no surprise that we’ve found favor with many distribution and logistics firms. Global traders enjoy the tax and tariff advantages of our Foreign Trade Zone. We also think you’ll find our air quality district, separate and distinct from LA’s stringent South Coast AQMD, to be refreshing. Yes, we are a world apart from LA, yet we’re close at hand. Our region puts 21 million Southern Californian’s at your doorstep, the Western U.S. within a day’s drive and the emerging Pacific Rim within our global reach. We invite you to explore Southern California’s Leading Edge.

Young, Energetic and Growing

Demographics & Statistics

Current Population 539,174
Under the age 55 77.42
Population By Origin Not Hispanic or Latino 299,407
Population By Origin Hispanic 239,767
Average Household Income $66,591
Education 331,844

Source: Nielsen Inc.

Did you know? Our region’s population is larger than either Atlanta or  Miami? We cover more land area than the entire state of Delaware? Aviation was drawn to our area by its 300+ days of sunshine. Homes in the Antelope Valley cost 30-60% less than the greater LA basin. Nearly 70,000 area residents commute to jobs elsewhere. They’d rather work for you, here. Both Judy Garland and John Wayne grew up here, so did  Frank Zappa.