State regulators have confirmed the safety of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility (Aliso Canyon). On July 19, state regulators cleared SoCalGas® to resume limited injections to help prevent energy shortages.

Now that state regulators have confirmed SoCalGas has met the requirements of the comprehensive safety review, there are several checks and activities that must be completed before SoCalGas can resume injections. Once injections begin, there are additional monitoring and reporting activities to meet compliance requirements and provide for ongoing safety and accountability.


  • Submit Risk Management Plan.
  • Submit Well Inspection and Leak Detection Protocol.
  • Submit Fitness for Service Analysis.
  • Conduct full facility leak survey.
  • Conduct flyover to survey background methane emissions.
  • Complete steps in pre-start compressor and equipment checklist.


In support of continued safety, Aliso Canyon will be held to the most rigorous monitoring, inspection and safety requirements in the nation. Ongoing steps to maintain accountability include:

  • Testing or abandonment of wells that remain temporarily plugged
  • Real-time pressure monitoring of all wells
  • Visual inspections of each well four times a day
  • Daily infrared thermal imaging scanning of each well to detect leaks


  • Conduct leak survey within 72 hours.
  • Conduct additional leak survey within one month.
  • Flyover to survey methane levels.
  • Second flyover to survey methane levels.
  • Report daily pressures and volumes of natural gas withdrawn or injected each day for first 30 days.
  • Quarterly leak surveys for one year.
  • Operation of the fence line methane monitoring system
  • Community engagement through the Community Advisory Council


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